Keywords to my current work & research:

  • IT security – application and transport layer security, automation and continuous monitoring.
  • Multi-path transmission and multipath transport protocols.
  • Network and transport protocol performance measurements.
  • Network programming – Linux, FreeBSD, kernel and user space.
  • Mobile broadband networks – 2 to 4G.
  • Cross-layer design and optimisation.
  • Congestion control.

Current and Past Projects:


  • I enjoy singing (choir) and (try to) play music instruments: Piano, acoustic guitar, and ukulele. 
  • I bike. I proudly ride a Gazelle and I am very interested in recumbent bikes. I own a HP Spirit. 
  • I am a certified scuba diver. Once upon a time I did triathlon. I also hold a blue belt in karate wado-ryu. 
  • I read about History of science, and science and political development in Latin America. 
  • I am engaged in biodiversity conservation and environmental politics and I offered to be a volunteer at Social Coder.