Simone Ferlin

Stockholm ยท Sweden

I am a network researcher at Ericsson research focusing on 5G (in the Network Architecture and Protocols group).
I completed my PhD in computer science in 2017 at the Simula Research Lab and Universitetet i Oslo under the supervison of Dr. Ozgu Alay and Prof. Michael Welzl.
My PhD dissertation focused on increasing robustness in multipath transport with MPTCP.

My research interests lie in networked systems' measurements, performance, security and congestion control. More concrete, I am interested in how such systems (e.g. the Internet) evolve - how technologies are developed, adopted and impact different entities - and how security and privacy in general can be harmonised, made more usable and assessed.
I am usually looking for strong (MSc and PhD) interniship candidates. Are you interested? Get in touch!

You can find more details about me in my resume and under publications.

I prefer encrypted, signed emails:
Key fingerprint: 9648 744A 06E5 D01A C2D5 9FEE FAA6 AE1B 784E 60F8
Key ID: FAA6AE1B784E60F8



TPC member for the Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW), 2019


We were accepted to present at IFIP Networking 2019!


TPC member for the IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), 2019

TPC member for the Workshop on Traffic Measurements for Cybersecurity (WTMC), 2019

TPC member for the Workshop on Mobile Network Measurement (MNM), 2019

TPC member for the Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3), 2019


Our ToN paper on "Low Latency Scheduling in MPTCP" was accepted for publication!


Our ToN paper on "Low Latency Scheduling in MPTCP" was submitted with a minor revision.

Collaboration with Andra Lutu and Cristel Pelsser.


TPC Chair invitation to organize the WPIETF (Workshop Pre-IETF), 2019 in Brazil.

Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.


TPC member for the ACM CoNEXT Workshop Evolution, Performance, and Interoperability of QUIC (EPIQ) 2018.


Reviewer for IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and IEEE Communication Letters.


PC member for the ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Traffic Measurements for Cybersecurity (WTMC) 2018.


TPC member for the IEEE LCN 2018.


Talk invitation at Enterprise Data Center Operators (EDCO).

TPC member for the TMA MNM 2018 workshop.


Collaboration with Randy Bush and Cristel Pelsser.


Collaboration with IBM Security Research. Team and blog at: Security Intelligence.


TPC member for IEEE IFIP Networking 2018.


Our ToN paper in collaboration with Nokia Bell-Labs entitled "MPTCP meets FEC: Supporting Latency-Sensitive Applications over Heterogeneous Networks" was accepted to be published!


I am temporarily on leave from IBM, interning at IIJ Labs, under supervision of Romain Fontungne and Kenjiro Cho.




I was lucky to have met so many colleagues that teach me a lot about humility and greatness of mind and heart.

Talk Bio

Simone Ferlin is a telecom engineer and has a PhD from the Simula Research Lab and University of Oslo, Norway.
Her interests are primarily in computer networks - wired and wireless. She contributes to transport protocols and congestion control, multipath transport, network performance and security assessment and data analysis. Her past research also includes signal processing for wireless communication systems. Her dissertation focuses on improving robustness in multipath transport. Although the multipath promises are great, increasing both throughput and resilience, it comes with challenges when the underlying network paths are heterogeneous -- challenges which Simone's dissertation addressed working with Multipath TCP (MPTCP).
Simone received her Dipl.-Ing. in Information Technology from Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany in 2010 and her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oslo in 2017. She worked in in the NorNet project, which is a real-world large-scale multi-homing testbed for experimental research. She is also very interested in biodiversity conservation and ways to integrate technology into environmental monitoring.


Keywords to my current work & research:

  • IT security - application and transport layer security, automation and continuous monitoring.
  • Multi-path transmission and multipath transport protocols.
  • Network and transport protocol performance measurements.
  • Network programming - Linux, FreeBSD, kernel and user space.
  • Mobile broadband networks - 2 to 4G.
  • Cross-layer design and optimisation.
  • Congestion control.

Current and Past Projects:


  • I enjoy singing (choir) and (try to) play music instruments: Piano, acoustic guitar, and ukulele.
  • I bike. I proudly ride a Gazelle and I am very interested in recumbent bikes. I own a HP Spirit.
  • I am a certified scuba diver. Once upon a time I did triathlon. I also hold a blue belt in karate wado-ryu.
  • I read about History of science, and science and political development in Latin America.
  • I am engaged in biodiversity conservation and environmental politics and I offered to be a volunteer at Social Coder.